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The List Of Internet Business You Should Never Get Involved In 2021.
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We are back to discuss more about business, but you today business discussion, we could like to say something about the ongoing online business that has landed many into the government custody over fraudulent business and others activities that has as well limited some countries in an open global business in 2021.

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According to some people, in life before you can subside, you have to take a large step and by so doing your hardwork will definitely pay. Yes this is very true but many have misquoted this and think taking a large step is by involving in a fraudulent business that will ruin the lives of others people and have you a successful person as you wish to be.

A lots of human have ended their lives by themselves out of frustration of online business they have involved themselves, this record still keep breaking or counting because alot of people are still taking this deadly risk in other to be successful. Remember you have what will called “A Rest Of Mind” when you are doing a legit business and at some cost not involved in and online fraud or been a victim to any fraudulent activities.

There are some risky and harmful businesses that you should not get involved in 2021 either as the owner of customers. Of course i called it risky because either you make it out in a risky successful ways and live in fear or you get into trouble during the process. You may be making or earning a lots of cash or money from the business, but those you have scammed are actually making a report to the government and having a closed watch towards your activities by the government.

According to the Interpol, a popular internet business mugu was arrested in june 2020 over an internet fraud in Dubai and later transfer to United States for further Court case and since then one has heard from him or recently talks about the business man fraudulent case. Hush-Puppi was known widely for always showcasing of money online without any convincing source of income.

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This draw the attention of the government widely to start investigating him gradually and later found out that that popular socialite is into some fraudulent Business activities which may have render a lots of lives useless and some may have committed suicide due this scam reasons, because their life time earning may have been scammed away.

Don’t misquoted what am explaining to you, there are a lot of legit or real online business that you can do and never get scammed but before then I will like you to know this one online business you should never try to get involved in 2021 to avoid the government from coming after you.

1. Don’t Get Involved In Scam Business:-

What do we mean by scamming business, showcasing online the product you don’t sell or a company you have never represent in other to defraud individuals or çompany off their hard earning money or income which is very bad and never recommended for anyone.


Those people you Are scamming may be having a lots of responsibilities and thing they need to sort out in their families or personal life, scamming them off the little they have will make them either frustrated or to take their own Life.

Scamming has generated nothing but a bad name to most countries of the world and some Individuals who have been captured while involving on this scamming process.

2. Government Copy Properties.

This is same to the above discussion, but in other to break it down more we have to mention this special so you will understand what it takes and means by the word “Government Copy Properties”.

Now what you should understand is that, alots of people out their do imitation the what the government does in other for them to be comfortable to scam the masses and have a free go ou of it. This is very dangerous, no government on any country bears this habits because it tarnished the country images and the good relationship the have with other’s countries.

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Example of what am taking about, in 2020 when the whole world was on pandemic, the government created some special plaftom used in distribution of funds or money to the citizens in other to help them sustain until the period of over. During this time, some on-line business mugu who are highly focused on scamming people created a similar website where some prominent or wealth people in the society also made in some payment into the website thinking this rightful belongs to the government, not knowing they have been roughly scammed by some online scammed government business representative and one of them where apprehended, which is the Hush-Puppi we where talking about.

After the Government fines out, the online business mugu was arrested and put in detention for further investigation, after more prove of his past and recent scamming, he was charging to court and currently facing at least 20 years jail term.


Getting yourself involved in an online scamming business only keep you in a position of always been fear and worried about your bad activities and thinking of anyone or people you have offend by scamming could all possible means look for you.

Like I said before, this is one of the major you should keep away from online business related to scamming, Because if you are been caught, it very possible you will send years or half of your dearly life in the prison.


The word is under civilization, compare to those years we have lived. Committing such crime now can get you easily caught, because you can be trace through the used of emails, your on-line scamming activities and most to time been exposed by closed people around you.

For the moment, l think I will have to end here coming back in our next time to discuss more on this “The List Of Internet Business You Should Never Get Involved In 2021”.

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