Self Employed Or White Collar Jobs – Which One Is Better For You.

Self Employed Or White Collar Jobs – Which One Is Better For You.

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Both are self decision by us,am not discriminating anyone of them, because all of them has to do with income what am here for today is to tell you about the two and you may end you been interested in one as a start up point.

Either you are self employed or working under somebody, it’s all has a benefit and serve as a start point, the reasons is because you wish to grow higher and this could be one of the factor that may later Skyrocket you financially, and meet you with your needs anytime.

We humans have different feelings and thinks different about something,I maybe wanting to get A while another person is busy fighting to get B, life is choice not something you are force to do. Now decision making when it’s comes to two financially meet up situation like this is very important, you are allowed to take your best choice to avoid blaming anyone at the end,but I believe within this two any decisions you take could meet up with you needs for a main time.

At first even if you want to be self employed, one thing that is very common about this is that, you will need to work under a person to learn a strategy on how you can build yours too. The nature made this comes without forcing it, but in some people’s cases many start up without serving other’s and this can only be possible if you are financially stand or have the capital but likely you will faces some loses.

Why are you facing loses, it is because you have little takes of ideas about what you have started, but mind you the failing part is just for the main time, gradually as you grow you may start learning the tricks too but it could take much if your time that’s just it.


Self Employed is a business manage by yourself, which means all the income are been owned by you alone. If you get token in a day as your earning, that will be fine by you because the money directly comes from what you exchange within an hours.

You will be entitled to your earning and self management, and apart from this you don’t have anyone standing as your boss everything about the business has to do with you, rather you may decide later to fixed in people who could work for your, that’s means you have as well start mining a small business factory which will grow bigger later.

With what I have observed for a long time now, I think fears of starting and losing made alots of people to get employed as a worker somewhere and still serve under people who they have the requirements of becoming bosses on their own. Although been self employed isn’t for everyone and at this case I have decided to share with us this tips to help us stand when it comes to choice making.

But note this, if you are self employed what ever comes in for a day is for you alone and what’s every goes out are the expenses you have may taken for the day.


In this case, I will tell you that it all depends on the level of a business a person is doing and same thing reacts on the kind of work you are doing as well too.

Now let me give one example of a business owner that my be richer than someone self employed. For an instance let say you are the chief executive officer of Prince Ebeano Super, a business branch widely known in Nigeria, do you know that you are 10 times bigger than some people working at the bank.

This business brings in at least millions of dollars daily, just like one of the branches that got burnt by a 9 year’s old girl in Abuja, it was reported to cost approximately 2 billion NIGERIAN naira.

Rotating our discussion back to self employed, if you for an instance working with a Nigerian oil company E.G “Chevron” and in the position of a managing director, did you know that you are 20 time’s bigger than someone who owns a multi million naira super market.

Don’t be surprised,oil is one of the money fetching factory currently with at least millions of dollars daily.


To be sincere with you, it all depends on the kind of jobs you are doing,a lots of people work harder than they are earning. To me I see this as an issue, in a regular basis of it as you are working hard you are supposed to be earning large, no man is perfect about this but at times you have to lay down your thinking to choose the one that could be more of help to you.

Some people say doing with collabor jobs isn’t something they can recommend to anyone, yes but at times it depends on the level of education that person is. Most of what we are discussing here has to do with education, it make it perfect and give it a look that could bring forth the strength of working in a better company or been a large scales self employed.

Let me also break your heart,a while collar job is a steward job, which means you are a servant under a person or a company. Self Employed is somehow better because you are not taking orders from anyone and you are not waiting for someone to appreciate your efforts at the end of the months by paying you salary or compensation.

Note, am not trying to discourage you but I just made some alignment to help you understand the simple different between this two, maybe you have double mind if starting up one for a long time.


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