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In over one year of making Nigerian songs downloadable with just one click, MusicVibes has built a community of Nigerian music lovers, regular visitors, and a formidable fan base. MusicVibes currently ranks as one of the best Nigerian music websites

We at MusicVibes understand the struggle in the Nigerian music industry and we will love to play our own role in making young talented singers in Nigeria realize their potentials at ease and at an affordable cost.

Therefore, we drafted these highly affordable music promotion plans for Up and coming Nigerian musicians so that while we promote your songs we can still keep our blog up and running from the affordable fees that we accrue from song promotions.


Three types of song promotion on MusicVibes

  • Song Upload
  • Pin on Homepage
  • Add to ‘Trending Songs’

See a detailed explanation of each category and its individual condition.

  • Song Upload

Promotion Package:

The song will be uploaded on our website for Users to download and will also include links to streaming platforms (like Apple Music, Spotify, Audiomack, etc.) if provided.


₦3,000 one-time fee


No condition

  • Trending Songs

Promotion Package:

Your song will be added to our ‘Trending Songs’ widget/category. Your song will be displayed if you pay for this promotion category and note this appears on every page of the website.


For one week: ₦7,000

For one month: ₦20,000


Before we accept your payment for this category, the following conditions must be met.

This song must be great and of good sound quality

Should be a recently released song (must not be older than six months)

(Note: This category is limited as we only accept six offers at a time so that we can show our users other songs that are trending organically)

  • Pin on Homepage

Promotion Package:

Your song will be pinned on our Homepage and will be the first thing our users see each time they visit the website homepage.

Please Note:

This is a supplementary promotional package as the first promotion plan ‘Song Upload’ mentioned above is needed firstly in other to go for this plan.


For one week: (₦4,000 after buying the ‘Song Upload’ plan)

For one month: (₦15,000 after buying the ‘Song Upload’ plan’)


  1.  Song Artwork must be of high quality and free from nudity, Blood (Should not display harm to human or animals)
  2. The Category is limited as we only accept only three songs at a time

After perusing our various music promotion plans and deciding on which one you want to go with, you can reach us via this email or phone number below and further this discussion on how to make the payment or to know if slots are currently available for those plans with limited slots.

Whatsapp: +2347038745361