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Is Diamond Bank Partnership With Access Bank Plc?

Is Diamond Bank Partnership With Access Bank Plc
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Is Diamond Bank Partnership With Access Bank Plc?.

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On our today’s topic, we could clear more air about the merging of Diamond Bank with Access Bank now known as Access Diamond Bank and why this actions was taken at the first place.

Am sure there’s more important reasons for this, but the most important you should know is that the bank still runs all customers services accordingly even when sold to access bank plc for the merging.

Although when the event newly occured, a lot of people where confused and keep asking if the bank still functions or it has totally lost it services, but what I want you to know is that, the bank was sold to access bank plc but all customers details and ways of banking still remains but with more upgraded services to serve all more better because of it change in ownership.

I will like to break it down more to everyone to understand the fact that most the bank where two different businesses but one was later sold to the other one, for a reason left for other bank, maybe because the chief executive officer has found something more beneficiary or something less strees to do than the bank business.

But this may not be the real reasons while Diamond bank was sold to access bank at the first place, because during the newly occured event they was no actual given details while Diamond bank was sold or merge with access bank for continue banking services to the customers.

Before I proceed more further to this,I will like you to know who was the former chief executive officer of Diamond Bank before it was sold to Access Bank Plc for further banking services in Nigeria.

The Nigerian bank which has provided nothing less than trillions of Services to there customers better known as Diamond bank was originally founded by a Nigerian businessman Pascal Gabriel Dozie born in 9th of April 1939 in Owerri, Imo State the east part of Nigerian. According to review, the Nigerian Business man founded this business interested and was one of the best that anyone could imagine with good management and money laundry services which has helped many business to grow globally.

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Before it was finally sold out, the business has at least fetch the business guru trillions of naira since the years of it running both in Nigeria and around the world but the second change of ownership to his son Uzoma Dozie the ex-ceo of the company.

After many years of handling the business, the Nigerian business man Pascal Gabriel Dozie the original founder of Diamond Bank Plc then hand over to his son Uzoma Dozie the ex chief executive officer who later sold the bank to access bank plc, which has it merged now been recognized as Access (Diamond) bank.

By right and what you should know, Diamond Bank has no partnership with access bank but was rightful sold by the ex-ceo of the company Uzoma Dozie to access bank.

I will also tell you it let you know the chief executive officer of Access Bank, but before then I will like to enlighten you a little of how the bank is running.


According to the given details, customers have nothing to do, all you need know is for you to bear it in mind that you are now an Access Bank customers and not Diamond bank anymore,but they are some protocol that will be changed in other to help them understand and satisfy you more better.

Yes your accurate number still remain the same,but the banking code will be swap to the current bank your former bank has been sold to, that’s from Diamond bank to Access Bank, making you the auto customers of access bank plc the present buyer of your former one.


In this category, I will let you know as well the owner of access bank, many people who banks with access have no idea who the owner is or are, reading this article you will understand and get to know the chief executive officer of access bank and the founder.

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The co-founder and chief executive officer of access bank is said to be Herbert Onyewumbu Wigwe, a Nigerian business guru who have succeed in most business he does and most especially The banking aspect which we are talking about.

Due to expand in businesses, this was the reason he negotiated with Diamond bank plc and after coming to agreement he bought the bank and merged it to his present banking business “The Access Bank”

Talking about our topic “Is Diamond Bank Partnership With Access Bank Plc”, I decided to write about this because few days ago I was in Masses place when some group of friends where busy lamenting on this issues if the back is merging, on partnership or probably sold.

The answer is yes, the bank has changed ownership and you know what this means for something to change from the previous Known owner to the new person. This simplifies that the property or items has been sold and not borrowed or in partnership. Something that change owner is probably sold, but the one on deal or partner still remains active to the rightful owner, or Chief executive officer if I may say.


Getting this details before writing was one of my priority concerning this, and according to a friend who who for the bank before it was sold, he said a test was passed out to ensure qualifications of some of the staff and few with good qualifications where picked along Why some where dropped out.

Although to myself, I wasn’t expecting everyone go with access bank, because already the have enough staff’s the could work with.

Let me hold on some breath at this point, in our next post I will love to still flash back on this topic for you to understand that Diamond Bank isn’t having any partnership With Access Bank Plc but was rightful sold.

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