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Duty, Quality And Help Of A Receptionist In An Office

Duty, Quality And Help Of A Receptionist In An Office.

Welcome back to our business ground where we could be discussing it sharing knowledge about the receptionist and things you should know.

On this discussion, I will like you first to know the meaning of the word “Receptionist” before we proceed more to know the work of the receptionist in an office place, business place and more.

A receptionist, is a person who attend to a stranger in an open places and responsible for first interview before passing out the main boss who have the final say. Although everyone has he or he definition to the word “Receptionist” but in this case I have decided to make it more clearer to you by breaking down the definition to your understanding.

If you own or planning of having an organization sooner as you may wish, I want you to understand that, there are some important people or category of worker you should skip when it comes to this, the category am talking about here is simply that of the “Receptionist”. In my year’s of going through this experience before putting this article up, I have visited numerous place, what I can tell you is that I haven’t seen a company or large, even small organization that doesn’t have a receptionist.

This category or set of workers are very important, most time the get involved in an activities that the business owner is supposed to face directly, you have to talk with the receptionist, lay down your complain or reasons of coming to that location before you can be allowed to go in for any thing you wish doing.

Receptionist plays an important rules in saving Life of other’s people in an organization, because when entering a place for example the hotel, the first person, people or workers you will meet are the receptionist, the take account of what goes out and coming in that vicinity in other to prevent anyone from harm.

As we get down on. this gradually, don’t forget I will love us to understand the meaning and Why there’s a need for a receptionist in a company, not that the usefulness of this people and the risk they bear and as well how they save other’s people from emergency attack in am office.

The play a very fantastic rules but mind you abd illiterate can’t represent you in your company as a receptionist, the person you are choosing most be someone who can speak a very simple and fluent English language, the reason is because he or she is your representative and people start judging from first impression.

On this page, I want us to now go in deeply the know the Duty, Quality And Help Of A Receptionist In An Office, read carefully to understand as we proceed below.


You may asked how does the receptionist act as a representative to an organization, now let me explain or break it down lower for everyone understanding. If you own a company where people comes in to seek for your advice and get thing’s from you, you can’t just leave your office empty or play all the rules, a lots of people may comes in at same time, it is the duty of the receptionist to passed out an order from you as the company owner asking them to Wait why you attend to them one after the other.

This is the most common and well recognized rules that is always carried out by a receptionist. Sane thing lies to a place like the hotel, before you can get a room or know if there’s any vacant place for you, the receptionist will have to send the hotel attendance to check or probably go through their notice book yo see if there’s any vacant room.

The receptionist plays a well intelligent and wise rules even more than you think or imagine, in short they are even more famous in a business than the owners.


In any organization like a I said earlier, the receptionist are the mouth piece of the company owner’s and as well the customers owner’s too.. how if you are going or Coming into any well organized place to see the owner maybe for a meeting or a deal, the first person you will come encounter with is the receptionist why because where the boss can’t be reached the receptionist is available to help out.

What ever information you have to share with boss, you must give a tip of it the receptionist in other for him or her to be able to make a clearer statement to the boss while presenting your issues to him/her.

In other way, if the boss want to see you,he or she will then request for you to come in but if too occupied or doesn’t want to see anyone at the moment,a message will be passed through the receptionist to you, and it a simple communication that requires just less talk abd better understanding.

Now to take you back, doing all this the receptionist has automatically becomes the mouth piece of you both, because a message was a well understood communication was made between the both of you through the help of the receptionist who recently acted as your mouth piece.


During the activities period in the very location, the receptionist in charge take notes of everything that comes in abs as well goes out, because at the end of the day you will have to give notice of what has happened during your active period.

By right, this was the reason why a receptionist must be an educated person, because he or she will have to take down to record either with a note book or using computer, incase after all the day analyze if there’s any form of misunderstanding, you people will flash back to check where the issues is coming from.


In all case as you think, having is very important because it helps uplift of many worries and let you face others things.
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