Alec Baldwin Sued By Crew Members Who Attended The “Rust” Filming

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Three crew members who were there during Alec Baldwin’s terrible shooting of Halyna Hutchins on the set of Rust have spoken out in the unfolding case. Dolly operator Ross Addiego, set costumer Doran Curtin, and key grip Reese Price have joined forces to sue Baldwin and the Rust production.

Their legal claim is based on negligence and deliberate infliction of emotional distress. Addiego, Curtin, and Price were three of the seven members on set at the time of the catastrophe, and they all relive horrifying recollections of the aftermath.

The plaintiffs express how the simultaneous decision to use active firearms on set and not maintain adequate safety protocols allegedly caused the death of Hutchins. They note how safer options, such as props and special effects, could have been used in place of a real gun. Additionally, the by-product of the incident resulted in emotional distress for the three crew members. Addiego, Curtin, and Price recall how they all had to jump in to help both Hutchins and director Joel Souza after the firearm struck.

TMZ reports that the plaintiff’s documents also described that armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed “lacked essential experience.” It notes how Gutierrez-Reed handed the gun to Halls without having checked it, who then passed it along saying it was “cold.” Despite the negligence in handling the weapon, Baldwin still went on with using it. The plaintiff claims that the result of these circumstances was Hutchin’s death and the resulting anguish.

While Baldwin still awaits his preliminary hearing for Hutchin’s death, he has pleaded not guilty and waived his Friday (February 24) court appearance. The allegations of Santa Fe’s D.A. department claim that he has acted with “criminal negligence.” However, Baldwin remains his stance that other members of the production team were responsible for ensuring the safe usage of the firearm. Today, he remains free from jail. Within 60 days of pleading not guilty, both he and Gutierrez-Reed will face their respective hearings. Rust, on the other hand, is planning on reshooting in the upcoming months.

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