Actress Dakore Akande & Her Husband Split

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Actress Dakore Akande Her & Husband Split
Actress Dakore Akande Her & Husband Split


News broke the actress Dakore Akande and her husband have broken ties earlier today.

The initial report claimed that her in-laws were pressuring the actress for a male child after having had two beautiful girls but new reports say there are more.

It is reported by Kemi Ashefon:

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They loved each other so much!

In fact, no one foresaw a split, not to talk about a divorce between the actress of Nollywood, Dakore Egbuson-Akande, and her husband.

Actress Dakore Akande Her & Husband Split
But Dakore and Olumide Akande are no longer like some celebrity marriages. The nine-year-old wedding crumbled just like a pack of poorly stacked cards and the middle couldn’t keep it.
Signs that the wedlock was troubled was when the actress posted a photo where she was wearing a bikini !
In fact, the search for a third child must have put pressure on the actress who left the movies long before she married Akande and moved to the United States of America after their two daughters. Well, the mother-in-law of Dakore wasn’t happy with their lifestyle and wanted them in Nigeria where they could work to give her a grandson!
In the meantime, Dakore had maintained that her child-bearing was over. As a matter of fact, it was because of the imbroglio that pushed her into acting again in their marriage.


Actress Dakore Akande Her Husband Split
Not a few fans would be worried because Dakore did everything she could to keep her marriage intact — at least on social media.
Unlike some actresses, unknown for celebrating her wedding anniversaries on social media, she revealed that she wanted a’ private marriage and not one shown on social media.’
Dakore spoke in an interview two years ago that, “My mother always says, ‘cover your yam and how you’re eating it.’ Like on his birthday, I just do maybe some posts on Instagram but we like to celebrate anniversaries in-house with the kids. We’ve been together for 11 years but married for seven years.”
Dakore has already moved out of her marriage and is allegedly dating an entertaining Nigerian guy who is organizing big shows in Africa and elsewhere. Who knows the pair may yet return.

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