A New Way to Earn: Audiomack Supporters For Creators

A New Way to Earn: Audiomack Supporters For Creators
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Audiomack Supporters creates a new revenue stream for artists and an exclusive connection between creators and fans by allowing listeners to directly contribute to releases.

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Make sure to update your Audiomack app to the latest version to access Supporters!

As a creator, you are an artist and an entrepreneur.

No matter what level you’re at in your career whether you are a full-time professional with a dedicated fanbase, a beginner making their first song, or anywhere in between Supporters creates a brand new source of revenue to help you earn more than you would from streaming alone.

Audiomack Supporters does more than diversify your monetization sources. It also helps you identify and engage with your top fans using direct messaging.

How can I get support?

Once you are enrolled in the Audiomack Monetization Program (AMP), or if you deliver through a distributor approved for our Supporters feature, your music is automatically enabled for support.

Not enrolled in AMP? Click here to apply and get paid for your streams.

Please contact your distributor to find out if they are participating in Supporters.

How does it work?

Every support-enabled release will feature a “Support This Project” button, both in the Audiomack app and on the desktop.

Fans viewing your song or album can purchase one of six support badges to directly support the release.

Support tiers range from $1.99 to $249.99, with each amount corresponding to a custom emoji.

After supporting, that user will be permanently associated with the release on the song/album page. The support will also appear on both the creator and fan profiles.

You will receive notifications by push, bell, and email each time you receive support. You can view your supporters and all Supporters’ revenue over time and by the project in your Creator Dashboard.

Supporters are ranked on three levels:

  • First: The first supporters for a release
  • Top: Supporters who contributed the most
  • Latest: The most recent supporters

Activate Your Fans

Supporters are more than a new way to earn money. Utilized fully, it allows you to identify and engage with your top fans in an unprecedented way, all on Audiomack.

Connect with your top fans using our message composer and include links for exclusive content and offerings.

Messaging directly with your fan community opens up a new world of artist-fan interactions:

  • Provide fans of your new album a link for exclusive merch from the project.
  • Share a private promo link of your upcoming EP to one lucky fan.
  • Let your top 20 fans hear an unreleased remix of your latest single.
  • Have presale tickets for your next concert?
  • Want to host a small meet-and-greet for your superfans?
  • Want to just send a simple “Thank you” to every supporter?

Do all this and more. You can target fans by a number of dimensions, including recency of support, support spending, specific project support, and more.

Supporters give you the power to build one-on-one relationships with your listeners. Fans can reply to your messages in the comments, too!

Supporters are the gateway to new revenue and a deeper, more meaningful connection with your audience.

Questions? Click here for an FAQ!

Make sure your Audiomack app is updated to be able to access Supporters!

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