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History About The Nigerian Lekki Toll Gate In 2020 (History

History About The Nigerian Lekki Toll Gate In 2020 (History).

Where is Lekki toll gate located and what happened in Lekki toll gate on the 20 of October 2020.

This is another brief history from us that we could love you to know and what exactly was the cause of lekki toll gate Killing back in 2020, a genuie history that may later be though in the higher education in other let our children know exactly the causes of the event in 2020.

Even as popular as the Lekki Toll Gate events which lead to many life lost, a lot of people still don’t know what happened in that vicinity on that horrible day, we are going to tell accordingly the incident which occured and the causes of this massive trend of the name “Lekki Toll Gate”.

Looking from my own aspect, I think of history is to return back to each Nigerian colleges or higher institution, this particular history about the Lekki Toll Gate worth something we should pay attention to when it comes to teaching, because they’re some hidden thing’s many of you may not know concerning this very moment of the year 2020.

Firstly, I want you to understand that, the name Lekki Toll Gate, does not just start trending because it was made official for the occupants of Lagos State for a successful and harmless protest, the name became globally known after the Lekki Massacre, where some prominent Nigerians where holding a successful protest for the right and some unknown gun men with military uniform came in the peaceful protest ground to kill some of the protesters.

The Nigerians hold or started this protest because of mostly the harassment many of them faces on a daily basis from the Nigerian Sars, this harassment have been going on for a very long time now and in other to put a full stop to this, the individuals in Nigeria come to an agreement to carry out a successful protest in other for the government to know what is going on.

Starting the protest, it was really cool and something everyone enjoyed then because a lots of people where given a helping hand and some hidden truth about things we don’t known where actually made known then, but after few days of the protest a terrible incident started happening which lead to the lost of many Nigerians youth who where present at this event center.


The Nigerian current most popular area known as the “Lekki Toll Gate” became the talk of the town after an event which happened at the vicinity on the 20 of October 2020 leading to many life lost about 9 pm of African time.

Lekki Toll Gate, is the government established road with road blockage where user’s have to pay indirect tax to the government and this was the main purpose why the protesters decided to use that very place, because this could cause some traffic and hold up that will definitely draw the attention of the Nigerian government.

People are always asking how the Lekki Toll Gate became popular or widely, this happened after that could evening between 9pm to 9:30pm Nigerian or African time that some prominent Nigerian citizens where shot dead by some unknown government in military uniform.


In this part, you should know that this question is complicated and still very much complicated till date, but to me an not really sure if a government of a country assigned by the citizens themselves can do such things in other to acquire a position or mainly for political power then.

After this Killing is massacre in Lekki Toll Gate, the government openly comes out to defend themselves of knowing nothing about the Killing, but this was not pleased enough by the Nigerians, they seek all possible means to know where the Killing comes from.

This was a little bit confusing, because those men who came in to carry out the Lekki Toll Gate massacre all dress in millitary uniform with heavy arm forces guns worth of millions of naira which he used in taken away of those precious life on that very day (20-10-2020).


Now after the Killing, the youth believe it from the government, thinking maybe they don’t want to hear theirs part, and how they have been getting much harassment from the Sars officials, the youth then turns this into a mission over mission but destroying any properties relating to the Nigerian government, at first it started in Lagos then later have a massive extension to other state of the country where billions of naira where Waisted and some Nigerians still lost their lives during this short pandemic.

I can never assure you that it ended well, because a lots of business where destroyed end during their particular events, many people lost their jobs even till date as we are talking, I still have some people who are still not able to get a better jobs because of the events back in 2020 in October.


Yes the government where affect much economically because they have to leave others project there where handling to look into some the important properties which where been destroyed at if anger by the youth during the #EnSars period.

Assuming the unknown gun men did not stormed the peaceful protest ground to. Carry out this Killing, the people could have done this protest in peace and without any form of destruction behavior attached to it.


The Lekki Toll Gate massacre was streamed live on social media and have some record immediately by the Nigerian female disc jockey Obianuju Catherine Udeh popularly known as Dj Switch.

During this time, most of the Nigerian celebrities could comes out one after the other to lead the protest and make sure it was all successful and no fighting at the ground. On this day that the incident horrible occured, the female DJ was on stage addressing the people when the uniform men stormed the ground leading to many life lost.

Thank you for your reading, History About The Nigerian Lekki Toll Gate In 2020 (History) this actually worth knowing as we could continue in the part two telling you all you need know about that day.

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